I'm Elliot!

I’m a rising junior at Texas A&M University pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering (with a double minor in Cybersecurity and Mathematics). I'm also currently an intern with Cisco as a Data Center Consultant Engineer. I’ve been interested in computer-related engineering fields for ages, from my first Visual Basic program to programming large autonomous robots and eventually dealing with government networking infrastructure. I've outlined a couple of my projects below:

My Projects

Laptop Tech-Stack Management and Installation in Sheriff Vehicles

As a 2023 Fort Bend County IT Networking intern, I installed and managed a large new batch of in-car networking equipment and laptops for the Sheriff's Office division. I gained knowledge in Azure Active Directory / Microsoft Entra ID, handling authentication and access control. Additionally, I successfully managed Axon body camera software, ensuring data integrity protocols. Moreover, I explored Cradlepoint in-car routing, which optimizes data communications and connectivity for patrol and crisis response vehicles. This enriching experience strengthened my passion for IT networking and its potential to positively impact public safety and society.

Image of project website. Three areas are shown: a team list with preferences, a floor list with capacities, and a button to generate optimal team combinations.

Hackathon Project Interface and Cloud Networking

As part of tamuHack 2023, a twenty-four hour Texas A&M hackathon, I and three other teammates created a website and algorithm for sponsoring company CBRE that sorts teams into office space based on each team's preferences and floor capacity. My role involved developing the website's user interface and linking Microsoft Azure cloud services to host both it and the API. Through this, I learned about the importance of designing a well-made software product that adhered to a business's requirements, and I learned how critical the "human factor" is in marketing the product.

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Critical Networking Infrastructure Install

During my time as a 2022 Fort Bend County IT Networking intern, me and my fellow interns worked on the installation of Cisco phones, configuration of modern Cisco network switches, and wiring / troubleshooting hot ethernet ports at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is a brand-new always-online building for managing emergencies taking place in the county, from hurricanes to winter weather outages. During my time on the project, I learned an extensive amount about Cisco switch configuration, enterprise-level firewalls, routers, ISPs, AV equipment setup / maintenance, and remote management.

Robotics Org Promotional React-Based Website

During my time as a member of the Dulles Robotics organization, a FIRST Robotics participant, I was responsible for leading both robot programming and website development. As part of the latter goal, I built, from the ground-up, a React-based website that promotes our organization to potential sponsors. This website utilizes React to its fullest and incorporates a self-hosted Express.js API to show blog posts and real-time competition results. By incorporating the API into chat application Discord, other robotics leaders can add media, blog posts, and more with ease. I continue to maintain and host the website/API even in 2023.

You can visit both the website and view the source code below:

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Self-hosted Proxmox Server for Virtual Machines

Throughout quarantine I took up an interest in hosting my own websites and projects online. In this, I discovered the Linux distribution Proxmox, which hosts virtual machines and containers on a dedicated machine. Using an old machine of mine, I installed it and began by hosting a self-coded website using NGINX, an HTTP/proxy server on a custom domain over the Cloudflare SSL layer. Over time I’ve added more capabilities to it, including a Database container, Website container (hosting this website among other projects), API container (servicing the Robotics website), a VPN for remote management, and several game servers. To this day, this project is very much still in development.

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